"Astrophotography -- Brian Larmay".

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Welcome to my webpage of photography.
Most of my work is astrophotography related, and includes the study of the visible, and sometimes invisible universe.

This is the home of the "Cygnus X-1 Telescopic Eye Research Facility"

I have been married to photography for 20 some odd years and have not taken a break yet.
I have many interests/passions such as mountain biking, storm chasing in the midwest, kayaking, and many others.

Astrophotography, ("My night job"), has been my prime focus for the last 13 years, and have actually moved myself out of the big city in search for a darker sky which I have found in NE Wisconsin.

Its not taking the picture that sums all the fun, but the quietness and loudness of the night from the many animals one hears.. watching the time go by not by watch, but by which constellations rise, when the moon sets and rises, and when the fireflies decide to call it quits for the night.
This I believe is how its has been realized since the begining of our time, feeling the push and pull from things from afar, beyond reach, but moving us and stirring us nonetheless.

I have loved the night far too much to ever be fearful of it.

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Home of the "Cygnus X-1 Telescopic Eye Research Facility" Astrophotog ...

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Storm Chasing

Its alot more fun than it looks, gotta trust me on that one.

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Northwoods Journal

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Fall in Wisconsin

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Aurora pics and Aurora Timelapse

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